The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

Let’s start with

The Bad….

The last of the roofing material were delivered to Matlakeng last week, so it was with big expectations that I drove there on Thursday morning. At last we were on the home stretch with this building and I was really looking forward to getting it finished so we can get John and the smaller kids in there and move on to other projects.

But that excitement did not last long. I was a little puzzled when I stopped and saw a pile of really short pieces of corrugated iron and roof beams sitting next to the house, but was sure there was an explanation for them. And there was, but not the one I would have liked to hear.

The people who we paid to transport the material to our site had problems with their big truck, so they did the delivery in a smaller truck. We ordered the roofing tin and wooden roof beams so that one length would go all the way from one side to the other, so it is easier to seal the roof. They could not fit these long sheets on their truck soooo

……they cut everything in 3 pieces!!!

People doing business here are all just barely surviving, so telling them they need to replace our cut up stuff is not an option. So, like many times in the past, we had to step back and figure out how to make this puzzle come together without having to buy more roofing material…

…….if only they had rather just cut it in half…..

The Good…

While that was being processed in our minds, we went to visit Matlakeng 2, and as always  it was a blast. The kids were “reading” the books we gave them last year. They had to look at the pictures and make their own story. Some real funny stuff came from that. Then too, they had to show off a bit, they love to do that, and it is all on video below.

Love their table….

They have started digging out behind the existing building to make space for their new day care.

From there we had an appointment to meet with the villagers from Futong. They had their monthly indaba where everyone meets and discusses problems they have for the chief to (try and) solve. They wanted us there to report on what they have done so far and to make sure we are all still heading in the same direction with regards to their day care.

They were real chuffed with themselves for the sand stone already collected, but that is only a real small part of what is needed. So although I encouraged them to go and collect a lot more, and they enthusiastically agreed to do so, here too I foresee things happening REAL slow.

The Ugly…

 As we slowly made our way out from Futong the ugly hit us.

The front suspension of the truck collapsed.

Considering the roads it runs on it is probably not unexpected, but still not fun. I slowly drove it home as it was crabbing all over the place. Today the parts arrived and it is in for repairs, which gave me the opportunity to catch up with all the stuff I’m behind on, like this post.

More Good…

We’ve been praying for quite while that God would provide someone to help out at Leratong. We need someone to live up there, look after our things and help teach the people of the village.

This past Sunday Pastor Sam Moloko visited Faith Hill and showed his wife where they would stay, should they join us. They both seem excited about the prospect of living in Leratong and ministering amongst the people there.

God willing, he may start working with us soon.


When the odds seem stacked against you, and you cannot see how what you are going through can possibly be part of God’s plan, never loose faith in where He is leading and always be willing to wait on him, however long it takes.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight”. (Proverbs 3:5-6)

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